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Envueltos de Chócolo Colombianos

Colombian-Style Wrapped Corn Cakes (Envueltos de Chocolo) - These traditional Colombian corn cakes or Envueltos de Choclo or Chócolo are sold on the streets of Colombia.

En la mayoría de las regiones de Colombia, se les llama envueltos de mazorca, en Cali, los llaman envueltos de Choclo,  en mi ciudad natal,...

Corn Wraps is a delicious food from Colombia. Learn to cook Corn Wraps and enjoy traditional food recipes from Colombia.


Ajiaco Colombiano (Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup)

Arroz Marinero (Colombian-Style Seafood Rice)

Arroz Marinero (Colombian-Style Seafood Rice)

Arroz Marinero o Arroz con Mariscos is a traditional and popular rice dish from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia. It is made with a combination of seafood,


Sudado de Albóndigas (Meatball Stew)

Sudado is a very common dish in Colombia. You can also make sudado with chicken, beef or pork instead of meatballs. My grandmother made this Sudado de

colombian-food-changua-con-huevo - Egg cooked in broth and milk, served with cilantro and green onions

Changua con Huevo is a delicious Colombian Food. Learn to cook Colombian Food Recipes and enjoy Traditional Colombian Food.

Envueltos de Maíz www.antojandoando.com

Envueltos de Maíz

Envueltos de Maíz www.antojandoando.com

Arepa de Chocolo con Quesito Or Colombian Corn Arepa)

Arepas de Chócolo Colombianas

Arepas de Chocolo con Quesito (Colombian Corn Cakes with Fresh Cheese) I made this. there were delicious!

Pasteles de Arroz (Rice Tamales) |mycolombianrecipes.com

Pasteles de Arroz (Rice Tamales)

There are as many variations of tamales as there are departments in Colombia. Families use varying techniques and ingredients to achieve their own special tamal