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It's actually 어떡해....어떻게 is kinda like "how" in a sense. For example, 그걸 어떻게먹어? translates to "how can you eat that" or "how are you able to eat that."

I made an internet friend who was like 'yeah, I'm gonna start learning Korean so you should too!' So now I'm learning Korean apparently

Since August is South Korea's Independence Day! Here's the meaning of the symbols of the South Korean Flag. I had to learn this to help get my promotion when I was doing a tour over there.

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Just learned how to say will you -as Mr.Remow says- "have relasions" with me? Thank you XD

I love how I'm pinning the most unhelpful things at the moment, because asking someone if they'll be with me is gonna come in handy when I want to know how to get somewhere. No doubt about it!

Yes.  (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

Common Short Phrases Heard In K-Dramas (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

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I would say this to my friends! :'( Don't ignore me please!