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adding machine tape, plotting the planets--solar system scale
Earth is a marble in this to-scale model of the solar system in the desert - You probably know that our solar system is big. But do you have a grasp on just how big it really is? No.  A filmmaker and his buddies went to a dried-up lakebed in Nevada to do just that.
Build a Solar System Model | Exploratorium--includes a scale calculator
Binoculars are great for all kinds of stargazing for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Here are some of the best binoculars for astronomy.
Free pdf download NICE. This collection of seventeen cards depicts solar system objects such as planets, comets, asteroids, the Moon, and the Sun. Also included are cards with common misconceptions, Hubble trivia, online resources, and instructions for a game.
Solar System Yummies! Love this idea for an Astronomy End of the Year Party!
mars+projects+for+kids | We didn't have room left for Pluto to have a cookie dough orbit, but ...
Solar System: Rotating and Revolving     Teaching Special Thinkers. I would use this to teach the difference between the planets rotating and revolving. After this, I could work my way into the stars and different constellations.