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Wolf Van Halen on Twitter: "Whatcha thinkin bout?

Seeya in a few, Indy. http://t.co/iSO6avK19N"

Seeya in a few, Indy.

Eddie Van Halen's • Iconic 'FRANKENSTRAT' featuring a "22 fret Kramer neck". This original Stratocaster was artistically designed and created by Edward Van Halen himself. While performing in Van Halen, Eddie's homemade "Axe" was widely recognized; swiftly soaring to a legendary status! He decided to team-up with Fender Musical Instruments, whom put forth the production of his historic "Strat". A replica of this outstanding 'FRANKENSTRAT' is currently housed in the American History Museum in…

Eddie Van Halen's ~ "Frankenstrat" ~ pictured with 22 fret Kramer neck. Eddie created this Stratocaster himself, it was made by Fender Musical Instruments. A copy of the "Frankenstrat" is currently housed in the American History Museum in Washington, D.

Van Halen-1984: cover art by Margo Zafer Nahas,"The band had a somewhat nebulous idea having to do with four dancing chrome women.As Eddie and Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth looked over my work they came across a painting I had done for a more personal project, an angel holding a cigarette. For the group, it was like love at first sight and the rest turned out to be album cover history.

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"Jump" is a song released on December 1983 by the American rock group Van Halen.Rock and Roll,,Van Halen - Jump.

Van Halen , rare photo of Van Halen, making an in-store appearance at a record store in 1978

Van Halen , rare photo of Van Halen, making an in-store appearance at a record store in They sure produced some kick ass rock in their day, Ain't talkin' bout love, Runnin with the devil.

The Eddie Van Halen guitar from WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST (or whatever--I'm not a…

Eddie Van Halen altered an Ibanez Destroyer into this. Used to record guitar tracks on the debut Van Halen lp.

Eddie Van Halen~feelin it...too bad they dumped Anthony and brought on Eddie's punk kid...really... is he that good or was because of daddy....  :( oh well, he's doing better than they are being with Sammy anyway! =)

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The Return of Van Halen, and Why Alex Was Their MVP

Van Halen is an American rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in From 1974 until the band comprised guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony.

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David Lee Roth (with Eddie Van Halen in the background) ♪♫ Music ♪♫ Van Halen I LOVED going to their concerts. Bras on the concert stage from the audience was the norm.

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Eddie Van Halen - The second most innovative rock guitarist ever. After I heard Eddie, my playing went in a whole new direction. Without the influence of EVH, the music of the would have been very different.