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Myndaniðurstaða fyrir i think my boyfriend hates me

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

Mom: “Life could be worse, Calvin.” Calvin: “Life could be a lot better, too!” — I was thinking the same thing!


Lucy - What's Wrong with Being Crabby? HAHAH Grace & Zack, do you remember the super crabby song?

some calvin and hobbes to brighten your day. - Album on Imgur

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This is fascinating to think about. And since so many things have been added to milk nowadays, what did that first guy think?

Anxiety and it’s effects

Anxiety and it’s effects

Ha ha

Charlie Brown with wheelbarrow of books 'Never trust a smiling teacher' Poster. Tis' true, thou shall never trust a smiling teacher!

omg-humor: “ I love Calvin’s mom’s reaction in the last panel ”

Funny pictures about One of the best comicstrips of my childhood. Oh, and cool pics about One of the best comicstrips of my childhood. Also, One of the best comicstrips of my childhood photos.

I say this every morning!

5 More Minutes funny quote cartoon leaves charlie brown sleep snoopy peanuts pile

Happiness.... if Charlie Brown had a laptop in his lap in addition to his dog, this would be my life right now ((((snuggles with her dog))))

Snoopy and Woodstock Enjoy Your Thursday charlie brown snoopy thursday thursday quotes happy thursday thursday quote happy thursday quotes