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Not A Pony by GingaAkam on deviantART translation: おまえ放せ! オレ様はポニーじゃない! - You put me down! I'm not a pony! - Omae hanase!

Not A Pony by GingaAkam on deviantART (Put me down, I'm not a pony!

Oh, so you were wondering why there's a REASON no one gives sugar to Splendy?

Ask - Question by GingaAkam C↗akes↘! What➡ ar↘e you↗ doin➡g?↘ Cakes↗ar↘e➡ suppo↗sed t➡o hav↘e can↗dles! I'm go↘ing to put th↗ese cand➡les o↘n you↗!




Lol XD masky like face palm while Jeff and Toby slap each other

Masky you scared me....Jack scares me...ugh Toby....@ticci_toby_tick @MaskedProxy

Masky you scared me.Jack scares me. << poor Hoodie is so scared xD but I think Jack was traumatized for life.

Slenders Beautiful Face by HIDDEN-being

I cant take this fandom seriously enough, you can tell Art (c) Me All Characters belong to their rightful owners (Im so lazy.) EDIT Holy SHITE this got a lot of views and faves.