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I had to experience this maany times in the last 2 years. It's such a crippling and lonely feeling

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''The little girl could not sleep, because her thoughts were way too deep. Her mind had gone out for a stroll, and had fallen down the rabbit hole.The End'' source: Purple Clover

It's not hard to catch lies. It's even harder to run away from the lies you create- and expect them not to catch up with YOU. Conclusion: Get To Fuck.

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If you want to know if someone is "real" tell them an obvious lie. A human will recognize it for what it is immediately, a cursed will not. They may look real, but they are not. Only real eyes realize real lies.

Quote on mental health - The darkest place I’ve ever seen was inside me, and nothing scared me more.

When Sapph and Toby had an argument, Toby said to her that you came back with bruises after seeing me. whether your parents said that or something I don't know.

...it's kind of terrifying when you think about it Incredible I read this at 12:01am.

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Everything Love (The Good Vibe)

Everything Love (The Good Vibe)

Exactly. I guess this is why my circle is so small. But like it<<<this is all so true, i love taking conversations to the next level.

I don't like small talk but deep conversation sometimes takes trust.