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Bad egg.

For Sale on - Stoneware Pot, Stoneware by Adam Silverman.

PAULINE VERRINDER - Textile Artist - Wire and Stitch

Pauline Verrinder Textile Artist - Wire and Stitched Sculptural Piece.

acid-corrosion cast of arteries    ---    Gunther von Hagens    ---    http://www.bodyworlds.com/en/gunther_von_hagens/life_in_science.html

Blood inside the body? When you see it? alecshao: “ Gunther von Hagens, acid-corrosion cast of the arteries of the adult human hand and forearm ”

"Cairn I" janilaine mainprize mixed media, (glass dome not shown) Art@41

"Cairn I" janilaine mainprize mixed media, (glass dome not shown) Art …

Grayson Perry

Queer Urns and Quilts

Rosetta Vase from Grayson Perry's exhibition at the British Museum. His pots are an odd mixture of graphic art and ceramic, with social commentary.

One of #GraysonPerry's celebrated #ceramics... We have serious respect for this…

Grayson Perry - contrasting a formal vase form with comicboook-like text from popular culture.

Artist Lei Xue skillfully sculpts and paints porcelain sculptures that look like smashed cans with traditional patterns.

Smashed Cans Sculpted in the Traditional Style of Ming Dynasty Porcelain

Chinese artist Lei Xue was inspired by Ming Dynasty patterns on the Chinese ceramics, to create sculptures representing smashed and empty soda cans.

orange - Untitled Cell Stucture - Julie Dodd - sculpture - Postcards cells are created using digitally copied images of relief prints that are carefully sewn into original compostions to make very affordable art that still remains different from the rest of the series.

Julie Dodd, environmental artist, installation artist, printmaker and bookmaker