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Helmet Shell - Cassis cornuta - closeup

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Egg Cowrie Seashell White Ovula Ovum Sea Shell is an excellent display of light and shadow

Chong Chen Rotaovula hirohitoi Cate & Azuma in Cate, 1973 OVULIDAE Japan, 6.8mm, GEM- Most ovulids are carnivorous and are specialist ectoparasites of octocorals including this rare species, which feeds exclusively on the tissues of its host Acanthogorgia inermis (Hedlund, 1890) which it lives on. It is found around the depth range of -20~200m, and with an average size range of 5~8mm one of the smallest ovulids.

Glass shells/Rotaovula hirohitoi Cate & Azuma in Cate, 1973 - C.

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These pink seashells are a perfect example for texture because it is visual, or implied. By viewing these shells, we can imagine their smooth and shiny surface, or texture.

Polished Nautilus MED - pic by our customer

Polished Nautilus MED - pic by our customer

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fabulous shell ... gifts from the sea

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Sanibel Island Seashell on Sanibel Island, Florida

˚Sanibel Island Seashells" Bonnie found one of these when we were in Sanibel. I think it's called a Lacey Murex.