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Funny Break up Quotes and Sayings for Girls

Haha good luck to them ,hope she has learned not to be shady and play with people's emotions ,she deserves to be happy ,as I do and am that's all that matters

I want a break for once and I just want to collapse in the arms of someone who cares                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Khloe Kardashian flashes Lamar's ring despite momager Kris 'having her eye on Drake for her next husband'

but I realized that I'm going to keep going strong. God is going to give me hard battles cuz he knows I'm his strongest soldier.

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Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : note to self

Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : note to self

Even if your not single , some things you still go through alone... Because sometimes it's just easier that way .

People who have been single for too long are the hardest to love. They have become so used to being single, independent and self-sufficient that it takes something extraordinary to convince them that they need you in their life. This is me to a tee

i jumped and tore down fences whilst she built new ones in my way .. when you put all your love and trust into your closest friend you do things that you wouldnt do for any other sacrifice everything for them  because they where your best friend and you loved them trustingly but  whilst you did everything faithfully they did nothing and just took..as i slowly gather up my broken life and fail to hold it together god please help me as i have no one to talk to now and dont know what to do…

I remember feeling this way every day . All I needed was that time to heal myself. Time to grow. Time to learn. Time to realize. People need time and patience. IT GETS BETTER

Not every day will be perfect. Surround yourself by things you love, people that lift you up & never forget to give yourself a break every once in a while.

Not everything has to be perfect today you can have days when you feel like shit when you feel strange unsure scared confused and lost - just know that you have tomorrow to pick yourself up again dust yourself off and start over better than before.