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Buying a second hand car in Sri Lanka: http://blog.ikman.lk/buying-a-second-hand-car-in-sri-lanka/  ශ‍්‍රි ලංකාවේදී පාවිච්චි කරන ලද කාර් රථයක් මිලට ගැනීම: http://snblog.ikman.lk/?p=34

Just think, if this guy put as much time and energy into advancing his career as he did building this wooden Lamborghini he would have been able to afford some hubcaps for it.

Honda FC Sport Concept (2008)

Honda FC Sport Concept (2008)

The corvette thought his car was so special that he would take up two stalls. The other driver wanted to prove a point that jerks cannot take two stalls because they have an inferiority complex.

Jeep Owner Gets Last Laugh on Corvette Driver’s Greedy Parking Job - ABC News- Bravo Jeepster!

boating-101-boat-shore-moron-stupid-car-best-demotivational-posters.jpg (500×432) another safety tip from your local Park Ranger...........

28 People Who Forgot How To Do Just About Everything