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Can I just say this is one of the most FLAWLESS moves I have ever seen! She Better GET IT!

Wish I knew primary source for this. But anyway, yet another flying color guard photo. If anyone knows guard/year/photographer, let me know so I can credit.

Those silks though <3 They would work great for our show this year!

Color Guard is more than a thing you know, its a skill. I have had to write down plans, what each show means and where every guard member should be on the field. Guard is a way of life.

To regular people, it is just some cool flag tricks on a field. To us, it's how we show who we are. To them it is pretty colors. To us it is our emotions. To them it is acting. To us it is how we escape our realities.

They way I explain colorguard to people is, "You know those pretty colors running around the field with the band?