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Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor? > I think I may have just died laughing XD

Actual Exchanges Between Pilots And Control Towers. The Last One Is Gold.

Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor?<<<my mom and dad are pilots, they have both said goofy things to control towers at times

The person who got all etymological.<< fun fact: violet in Italian are called "viole", because of their color (which is "viola"). Viola=purple

The person who got all etymological.

Stop with the prejudice. Be neither an optimist not a pessimist. Be a realist.

creation // destruction // rubble // trouble // found // caused // play on words

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If he writes a few sonnets, he loves her.If he writes 300 sonnets, he loves sonnets Life advice/quotes

Funny tumblr post

Or "If you're down by the sea and an eel bites your knee, that's a moray." First time I saw I laughed so hard