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Fridays Were the Shit Because of TGIF on ABC. I miss these days so much!

You're DEFINITELY A 90's Kid If...

Back when Friday night TV was awesome.the original TGIF

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The Great Candy Debate: Because Sweets Ain’t A Game ---> Blow-Pops are for when you want your entire mouth to hate you. to the roof of your mouth.

TV Shows: 7'th Heaven

7th Heaven

Heaven, when I see their happy faces smiling back at me, Heaven" I love, love, love & MISS this show!

I was and am boss at this!!! I actually have his skip it in my garage!!! I broke the thing that counts when I was like 5 but still. I enjoy it:)

Skip It.loved mine but damn it hurt when it hit ur other foot lol

We have gone from wanting our hair crimped to using a flat iron!!!

Crimped hair - Before I had a crimping iron, I braided my hair in tiny braids all over my head. When I unbraided my hair, it had a crimped look.

1980s Lip Smackers Lip Gloss | Kissing Potion Lip Gloss! Anyone else love these in elementary school?

Kissing Potion Lip Gloss Mighty Mint, Cherry I had the Cherry and Bubble Gum kind

"225 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off." oh hey this slideshow sums up my childhood pretty well. i would have added magic tea party and mario kart to this.

375 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

240 Reasons Why Being a Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off. from stirrup pants to butterfly clips, puppy surprise to cabage patch kids, magic eye books to roll on body glitter, spice girls to backstreet boys, there is nothing I disliked about growing up in the