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Enjoy this not-so-little wagon gallery from the first five days of HOT ROD Power Tour

House Sitting San Francisco Golden Bridges & Golden Oldies!

You may be wondering how a couple of year olds can afford to travel the world permanently. The reason is house sitting.

I remember this was the first cologne I bought for my boyfriend. Now my husband of 38 years.

Hai Karate Cologne ~ I don't know that my Father liked this cologne but I remember buying it for him.

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Liberty Walk BMW~ You are allowed to drive for both companies. Lyft and Uber…

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Havana, Cuba - Love the colour of this building and the worn tired look. Not sure if I would like this colour all bright new and shiny though. What a grand old building that could do with a little TLC.

Event>> Old/now Car Festival 2010 - Pt3 - Speedhunters

Event>> Old/now Car Festival 2010 - - Speedhunters