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French Receipts PNG French Receipts JPEG Flypaper Textures are pleased to announce a whole new PNG transparent Overlay series over the next few months!

Flora Waycott

It's been a cold August here and I have been snuggled up inside with my hot water bottle drawing away. Here are some hobby drawings - sewing.


Great Paris collage image, reversed and ready for use with Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel!

miniature printable pharmacy labels

This is a sample book of vintage druggist cut and gummed labels made available by digitizing the collection by the Sloan Foundation and Lyrasis.

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I misunderstand things all the time, I've had others say I'm stupid because i just don't get it after being told like 5 times, but those 5 times is explained the same way so if i didn't get it the first time why repeat it 4 more times as if repetition is going to make me understand.

Well it's not exactly my misunderstanding when someone was too stupid to phrase correctly what they wanted so i often say "from what information I was given I deducted that" lol

Antique French Receipts in .png and jpeg format for use in art, graphic and photography projects.

Instant Download 2.5 Inch Circles Digital Collage Sheet - Vintage French Ephemera DCS-1152 Digitalcollagesheets, Printables, Downloads on Etsy, $3.95

Inch Craft Circles - This would be great using that previous pin -- the one with a ribbon and a round cutout thingy in the center.

Playing with Brushes Vintage Post One [DL-MD-S-PWBVintagePostOne] - $6.00 : the Creative Pixel, theCreativePixel.com

Vintage Postage Graphics Vintage Post comes from old Postcards and postmarks.Perfect for Art Journals, Collages, Photographs by Vintage Style Designs