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In real life, Prince moved about during his childhood, and at the age of ten his parents s.

The First Foursome - The boys join and form various rock bands in their teens. Lennon and McCartney first hook up in a group called The Quarrymen, which later becomes Johnny and the Mud Dogs, then the Silver Beetles and finally, The Beatles, as pictured here with Harrison and original drummer Pete Best.

Meet the Beatles

Stock Photo - The Beatles original members, George Harrison, Pete Best, Paul McCartney, John Lennon

Joy Division by Anton Corbijn

joy division photographed at lancaster gate tube by anton corbijn. in the dutch photographer directed a biopic of their lead singer, the late ian curtis, [original] © anton corbijn [website], from london. portrait of a city.

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Prince at the Schmitt Music mural in downtown Minneapolis, Photographer: Robert Whitman.

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Soul singer Sam Cooke is caught in a candid photograph with singer Rose Hardaway…