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Lark Camp 2014 Marimba Orchestra - YouTube

Lead by Russ Landers and Sarah Noll.

Skokiana From Tom Bourne's great website.  This is an Aussie.  Tom's adaptation of Jon Madin's great design. (www.bournemarimbas.com)

Rocking it on a Marimba, Skokiana Style.

▶ Hilton College Marimba Band - Doo Bee Doo - YouTube Marimba Stagecraft and Performance!

Hilton College Marimba Band performs "Doo Bee Doo" by Freshlyground at the 2013 St Benedict's Marimba & Steel Drum Festival.

Rainbow Blaze Marimba Band Musicis an innovative marimba band started in 2000 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by a group of young men interested in creating a new type of music. Today Rainbow Blaze has 7 artists who create, produce & perform music for a wider market regionally and internationally. Together they have created and gained a name for themselves with their unique style... African music - marimba http://sabelamusic.com/artists/rainbow-blaze/

Rainbow Blaze is the premier Marimba band playing ethnic mordern music at venues in Bulawayo and near you.

Marimba Ponies- From Spring omg the kid on the far right is so young!

Marimba Ponies- From Spring omg the kid on the far right is so young!

Shumba Marimba (younger group is called Simba Marimba) based in Seattle.  They're invited to play at festivals at Seattle Center pretty often.  CATCH IT!!  AMAZING LIVE!!  Very inspiring for kids to see :)

Seattle's Shumba Marimba Youth Orchestra performs at the Columbia City Theatre.

Instruments, Lakes, Tools, Ponds, Rivers

Jangano May 23 2013

Jangano Marimba, students of MyLinda King who attend da Vinci,Robert Gray and Catlin Gabel Middle Schools in Portland, Oregon.

The Ande Marimba Band - Moyo Wangu

The Ande Marimba Band - Moyo Wangu

Marimba Magic: marimba sales, mallet instruments, xylophones, music and marimba building workshops.

Hand-made Marimbas, Group and Private Marimba Lessons, Building Workshops by Marimba Magic

▶ World Beat Festival 2012 - 'Baduku Marimba Ensemble - YouTube

The 'Baduku marimba band from the Tri-Cities Steel Band Association in southeastern Washington state plays U. at the World Beat Festival on a rainy day i.