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Mother Ukraine's words of wisdom! hetalia funny

Mother Ukraine's words of wisdom! We have Mother Ukraine!

Poor... poor Ukraine... I feel... so, so, so, very bad for her, having such oversized breasts... imagine the back pain... poor thing.<< true

I feel. so, so, so, very bad for her, having such oversized breasts. imagine the back pain.--- I'm a girl that could cosplay as her with out any extra padding and can confirm that lower back pain

That's...actually pretty accurate<<<I know that's not her, but I really love Belgium. She's actually really funny and I wanted more of her in the show.

actually pretty accurate >> is this a reaction or an example

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Russia & Ukraine

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Russia & Ukraine I like the colours

Axis Powers: Hetalia the Soviet union how cute X3

Zerochan has Russia images. Russia is a character from Axis Powers: Hetalia.

aww hetalia and their marvel look a likess

This is awesome! France makes for a sexy Loki LOOOOOOOOOL-------> Germany looks so pissed off XD

Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (1P! and Nyo!)

Belarus Russia Ukraine Nyotalia fem<< Russia looks scary AF in both of them