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Happy hippo A hippo named Chata swims in the FURESA park zoo in the town of Jayaque, San Salvador on June

LOOK AT IT!!! This little puddin' fulfilled my cute quota for today, that's for sure, haha. :D

On August 9 Miami Zoo welcomed this pretty Somali wild ass (yes, that’s really what they are called) baby, the first one born at the zoo. Initial observations indicate that the foal is a baby girl.

nom nom nom that watermelon buddy!

nom nom nom that watermelon buddy!


Generally, there's family member or friend to film a lot of these moments, and here you go this great board. It has a great deal fun moments from all over the web.

White Short-Tailed Weasel Photography By: Lauri Mikonranta

The short-tailed weasel, or stoat, is an adorable little character that always looks like he's always up to no good. The animal goes by the name ermine whe


The Nassau County SPCA offers up some helpful tips for making sure your furry friends stay safe this holiday season.

Blind Owl Has A Constellation In His Eyes

It Appears This Gorgeous Blind Owl Has Awe Inspiring Constellations In His Eyes. These eyes reminds me of the fantasy stories we were told as kids, full of wounder and awe