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The question game to encourage observations and questioning, could be used as a dinner game.

Science Kit - Trash Robot $11.95

Science Kit - Trash Robot: Turn everyday into an enviro project. This kit contains two cars and colorful printed stickers to create your very own free

Green Science Kit - Dynamo Torch

With the Green Science Dynamo Torch, you can turn a simple toy motor into a generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb.

The Burgess Animal Book for Children (Dover Science Books for Children)

Burgess Animal Book for Children Learning Guide

The Burgess Animal Book for Children (Dover Science Books for Children) companion guide for homeschooling

Magnet Track Craft - Meaningfulmama.com

Magnet Track Craft

Magnet Track Craft - The car is guided by a magnet on a popsicle stick. Recommended by Andrea Beaty, author of Rosie Revere Engineer.

Science song - States of Matter (These songs definitely go more in depth than elementary, but still useful - and fun!)

4 States of Matter Song - (sung to Linkin Park) Great introduction to state of matter. Assignment idea: Create their own song/poem/rap about states or something else studied.

Yee Shall Know.  Lots of free printable lapbooks here including Bible, Bill of Rights, math, and several science lapbooks based on Magic School Bus books.

Lapbooks for 11 Magic School Bus Episodes Amazing Magnetism Butterfly Battle Electric Storm Food Chain Frenzy Great Shark Escape Giant Germ Missing Bones Polar Bear Patrol Rocky Road Trip Space Explorers Twister Trouble

Animal Learn: Working to foster an awareness of and  a respect for animals used in education. We strive to eliminate the use of animals in education and we are dedicated to assisting educators and students to find the most effective non-animal methods to teach and study science.

AnimaLearn Science Bank (website) The largest lending library of resources related to alternatives to animal dissection.