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Washburn N4 replica do Carioca

Washburn replica do Carioca

Why do I visualize Walt Grace in this awesome boat, enjoying a spin around untainted waters of Tokyo during his leisure? Maybe it’s not Walt Grace I see?

Will a ride in this cool guitar boat make you happy? Australian singer Josh Pyke created this massive prop for his music video, “Make You Happy.” It’s.

10646828_478791275620315_7238532466745669710_n.jpg (263×395)

Watermelon ESP - Haha, here's a nice looking novelty guitar. It would be better if it had a neck pickup though.

JACKSON SL-1 Soloist Electric Guitar Rosewood Fretboard Lightning Sky | Reverb

Lightning Jackson Soloist- what an instrument. This is one of the top 4 guitars I would like to own, right up there with Stratocasters, Les Pauls, Gretsch 6190 etc

ESP Horizon

ESP Horizon