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Dark Horse - Personally Designed Tattoo - Stéfane Guévremont

I would do this with no black, just reds, yellows, maybe a touch of purple for contrast. In sort of a watercolor design.

We all have seen the movie Pinocchio as a child. A puppet that sits on a shelf. He wishes to be real. I have made that same wish for myself. I wanna be real. Drop the act,take off the mask and feel..REAL. Lately I have been going through the motions and I am pulled by invisible strings. And I've pushed down the hurt and I've held back the tears. And covered up the dreams. But beneath it all, the me I buried long ago.. Is screaming to break free. Drop the act, take off the mask and feel real.

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Right on my wrist and I would walk around keeping my head down in a black robe walking slowly with a wand clutched firmly in my hand and every time someone asked me if I was okay I would reveal my arm and look up at them with a panicked look and touch the tattoo with my wand and go "I was chosen! The dark lord chose me!" Omg I am so doing this

Vinyl Decal - Harry Potter inspired Dark Mark decal for macbook, laptop, ipad, etc

Nope I only  showed a lil it's not a pretty  site when I turn into satan..then u should runnnnn

"Why don't you stow your crap and quit trying to push your 'bad side' onto everyone you stand next to." "You haven't even seen my bad side yet." "I'm a ball of rage and chaos naturally. you'll know when I heat up, Deano.

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kanyexwest: oh-colorful-pills: xx ϟ☽ Aiming for the ground—come here for dark grunge ☾ϟ x

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