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Good Game, I Hate You, Good Game... this is almost always true. I actually had a girl say this to me because I kept serving just to her... and she couldn't pass the ball.

This is so true because I wS playing a game and this girl I accedently hit I the face came and slapped my hand as hard as she could .

Womens rugby ♡!!

Womens rugby ♡!!


Post with 3527 votes and 397590 views. Why rugby stands out from other sports

Rugby.The only sport a Mom can proudly say her daughter is a Hooker."

Free and Funny Sports Ecard: Rugby. The only sport a Mom proudly say her daughter is a Hooker.

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Ummmmm.....Nicole and Christian. Bahahahah

and softball. they really do stink and my parents roll down the windows awesome hope 4 the best

yes, I'm that rarity of a straight female rugger.

Not every rugby player is a lesbian.: lesbian or not I love all my rugby teammates/players. Never felt more like a family than how rugby does.

CrossFit sweat shirt- I seriously want this sweater soooooo bad! I already look good so I train to kick ass!