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My response to the typical whiners who get offended by things we say, post, pin. If you find me offensive, then I suggest you quit fucking finding me.

Good morning to some of you... Fuck you to the rest.

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Means able to slap 37 times = a frown. Surly a smile will turn from a frown.


None of your fucking business

I don't normally use this red word   BUT,if you mess with my family !!  Ijs

Do not summon my inner bitch, she doesn't play nice.

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Introverts. All the time.

without exception, esp. around noisy braggarts, talkety-talkers, and selfish ego-maniacs, or all 3 rolled into one.


I am the friend you have to explain to your other friends before they meet me.

Most Funny Quotes : I'm tired of getting fucked in ways that don't end in an orgasm.

You'll choke one day, hopefully soon ha

Stop kissing ass ass kissers!

Except I don't have a facebook

Not sure why it says teenager post though.

I don't have an attitude problem

Funny pictures about Attitude problem. Oh, and cool pics about Attitude problem. Also, Attitude problem photos.

I love how I'm Gemini so this applies to me, AND I'm INFJ so this applies to me there too. Probably why my brain goes like 1000000000000000000 miles an hour

Lol so me! Everybody says that i talk too fast so to all of those people who say that. Looks like u just can't think is fast as me lol


All of these burn bridges pins are so me. "Dont burn bridges" is the worst advice ever. Because people can be terrible and it rocks when they are out of your life PERMANENTLY.

Just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing his part of the chores around here.

Job & Work quote & saying Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk away. But then, sometimes yo. The quote Description Sometimes you have to b