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Everyone takes a shower to get rid of dirt on their physical bodes. So, doesn't it also make sense to clean your mind from all the negative garbage from the outside world?

I love reading Fit Villains.  Chichi Kix is both inspiring and an exceptional role model for women who are building self esteem in the most natural way.  She helps me love myself!

"There are People in your Life whom you unknowingly inspire, simply by being you." ~now that is a beautiful & absolutely true sentiment. Hopefully we've all been on both ends of that one ! Def a goal for me to inspire others.

Something to think about...

Homemaking Thank you CS Lewis, the world seems to tell me I am lazy and not doing my part for my family because I do not work outside of the home. I know I am so blessed to be a homemaker and a mother.

Being a Christian doesn't  mean I won't fall... it means Jesus will catch me when I do...

Thank you Jesus :) Being a Christian doesn't mean I won't fall.it means Jesus will catch me when I do.

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"Don't Count The Days" Pendant Necklace

"Don't Count The Days" Pendant Necklace, love the quote but not sure about the pendant shape

Make the ordinary come alive

Make the ordinary come alive