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Artist: Itsbirdy | Pokémon

This is my first art trade… ever really, and it is with the talented artist I rarely use the word cute in my vocabulary, but actually, her work leaves me no choice. Her unique way of adding.

Eevee in a Leafeon suit Growlithe in a Arcanine suit Deino in a Hydreigon suit

From itsbirdy . deino dressed as hydreigon, growlithe dressed as arcanine, eevee dressed as leafeon. I love deino!

This made us laugh. But really, though, it's hard to choose a starter. Credit to #Dorkly.

The Great Pokemon Dilemma, I always go fire but here I went froakie and charamander

Imagine these plant things popping up out of the ground or peeling themselves off walls or trees to chase after you at an unsettlingly fast pace O.o

Here's the problem with playing any Pokemon game: there are too many cool Pokemon that you want to include on your team at any given time, but you' . View More Incredible Pokemon Fusions" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Team Blossom by ItsBirdyArt.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I truly enjoy the challenge of converting the likeness of the person into a drawing. I also like to think each individual's selected Team reveals a bit of the trainer's personality. Close knit friendships like this are the best ✌.