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A CNN reporter,while interviewing a Marine Sniper, asked. "what do you feel when you shoot a terrorist"? The Marine shrugged and replied, "Recoil." SNIPERS - Gotta love them

Guns kill

Funny pictures about Guns kill people. Oh, and cool pics about Guns kill people. Also, Guns kill people.

Can't really argue this... I don't see any push for registration or background checks to purchase a "pressure cooker"...  no law will stop insane people.....

If i can remember, bombs in someway triggered by a person. Guns are equipped and effective only by manually using them. So why aren't the "shooters" blamed for but the guns are? Guns can't walk into a school with its legs and unload bullets.

We protect everything else of importance with GUNS...except our children.

Funny pictures about The thing about guns. Oh, and cool pics about The thing about guns. Also, The thing about guns.

Logic. It eludes many. It's my right, tyrant!

Gun Controll is just a different way of saying People Controll. Gun Controll = Government Takeover // Screw off, you can't have my Guns!

May not like guns

Guess it's a good thing I like guns, believe in God & oh that's right.I'm a police dispatcher so I'll be sending those officers with guns.

.Properly trained kids Don't have accidents

Properly trained kids don't have accidents. I saw a video recently of an 11 year old girl in a shooting course competition. She shot like a professional sniper! The direction this world is going in, kids really do need gun training.

Well, if guns kill people, then spoons run around making people fat!

19 Examples Of Media Deception

When there's a bombing we blame the bomber. When there's a drunk-driving accident we blame the driver. Why, when there's a shooting, do we blame the gun? So true!