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Rainy day, a little boy insisted on an umbrella, waiting for their parents to come back.

Who's afraid of a little rain? Red polka dotted umbrella in the rain with a little girl.

What State Do You Actually Belong In?


Just want to hug/squish this little cutie. So cute in the little Baby Duck Costume

Don't protect your children from aging relatives. They don't judge. Beautiful.

Children brought up with respect and compassion for the infirm and aged are a blessing! Proverbs "Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.



Happy Kid #kids #cute

16 Swedish Baby Names That Are the Absolute Cutest

static electricity some days are like this

How to Get Rid of Static in Your Hair

They just describe this as static hair kid. How about amazing photo of really cool looking kid with electrically challenged hair?