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If you’ve dealing with someone rude and toxic in your life – for a passing moment or perhaps long-term (e.g in your family or in your workplace), view this article and video for 8 tips to support you https://www.pinchmeliving.com/toxic-people/

Dealing with Rude & Toxic People - 8 Tips to Support You

It's sad when narcissists repeat the situation over and over, never learning their lesson or refraining from toxic, poisonous relationships that they create.



I made quite a few efforts to talk to you. What's your excuse?

They will dance again, how could they not!

Our lives may not have fit together, but ohhh did our souls know how to dace. -K Towne Jr.

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Have you heard that getting a moving company quote is a wise move for anyone? Do you know what can happen if you don't take time to gather .