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Black Star Soul Eater

Maka, Tsubaki, Soul, Black Star, Kid, Patti and Liz

The boys are fighting again. *sweatdrop* STOP FIGHTING! *breaks them up* Kid+BlackStar+Soul: yes ma'am

The original art was much better in my opinion.

The second pic is from Soul Eater Not. Which is before the originally Soul Eater.

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Has anyone watched B Gata H Kei? In dub, Black Star's voiced by the voice actor of Yamada.

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I love the drawing of this manga. It has action, funny characters, a nice storyline manga completed.


Great Eastern Entertainment Soul Eater Dancing Maka and Soul Wall Scroll, 33 by

Maka and Soul<<In Soul Eater: Not! Maka met one of the main characters Tsugumi, Maka told her that when she first joined the DWMA she wore the same outfit as Tsugumi does.So here we have Maka wearing Tsugumis uniform

SOUL EATER x DRRR ED by kalter-Reis on deviantART

Soul Eater Ladder Art 1 I So Love Soul Eater. Or Soul eater Not that be Awesome!

soul eater  http://www.animereaper.com/2015/11/01/soul-eater-hd-wallpaper/772/soul-eater-wallpaper-asd

Believe it or not, soul eater was actually a trbute to the greek gods