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Takada Honzan temple, also known as Senju-ji, is one of the main tourist attractions in Mie Prefecture. Located in Isshinden area of Tsu city, it is popular as the largest Buddhist temple in the prefecture. Surrounded by a temple compound village, the atmosphere of past history is enchanting for the visitors.

Begin a festive 2015 at Oshichiya Matsuri, Takada Honzan Temple, Mie Prefecture!

Begin a festive 2015 at Oshichiya Matsuri, Takada Honzan Temple, Mie Prefecture!

Overlooked by Mystery: Daikakuji Temple | Taiken Japan

Overlooked by Mystery: Daikakuji Temple

Overlooked by Mystery: Daikakuji Temple | Taiken Japan

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Experience a real Buddhist temple stay on Mt Koya and get served one of the best meals of your life.

Mii-dera: One of Japan's Four Largest Temples

Mii-dera (三井寺) also referred to as Onjo-ji is one of Japan’s four largest temples. It is also one of the 33 temples of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage.

Daikanyama: Tokyo's Posh, Expensive & Charming Neighborhood

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Koka Gasho, Koka Ninja Village

Koka Gasho, Koka Ninja Village

Historic Temples of Japan: Kinkakuji The Golden Pavilion. As beautiful as it is, the Golden Pavilion of Kyoto is not a good example of austere beauty -- it's covered with real gold. A disturbed monk burned the temple to its foundations in 1950. The current structure was built in 1955. It is an exact copy of the previous temple, except that there is more gold leaf than before.

Respecting The Rules When Photographing Abroad

Kinkaku at Kinkakuji (Rokuonji), a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Tashirojima, Japan’s Island Of Cats

Puss & Boats: Tashirojima, Japan's Island Of Cats

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Sapporo, Japan Excellent feng shui note the path to the mountain ranges in the back of the photo, the greenery and fountains along the path brilliant!

Travelled to Kyoto Japan? This is Places You Should Visit

Kyoto is considered as the heart of Japanese culture. No wonder that this historically and culturally rich city is a very popular destination for tourists.

Nara's Yakushi-ji Temple: A Healing Temple

The temple is two things: one of the seven great temples of Nara and a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Mt Koya (Koyasan) is the most important religious location of the Shingon Buddhist sect. Hundreds of sacred temples and mausoleums are situated among the dense forests of this spiritual place. Take a guided tour around the sacred Mt Koya.