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Day 365 - Farewell | by Jessica Keating Photography - black labrador

A border collie, a husky and a basset hound are among the winners of the Kennel Club's annual Dog Photographer of the Year competition

Seele aus Gold

Pinner says "Looks like my "old man" Boney's eyes. a labs eyes will make you fall in love instantly." They are a loving animal ! We love black labs

These are my two little friends :)  They are growing up so fast!  Now we're the same size!  Okay you guys can stop growing now!  ah s*** I'm small!

Growing up

Husky puppies are so cute! Huskies growing up with Spaniel -- TOO CUTE siberian husky

Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams

Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy, this is the dog were getting. devin wants a chocolate lab but i love the silver!

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