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Caraway | Zodiaq® | DuPont USA

Zodiaq® Caraway has almond combined with waves of cinnamon and ginger root flecks.

Oatmeal | Zodiaq® | DuPont USA

Zodiaq® Oatmeal is inspired by healthy eating, the subtle visual texture and coloring offer a pattern that is lightweight and dimensional to the eye. Simultaneously classic and modern, this hue will blend with all styles.

Lavabo y encimera de una sola pieza, de Dupont Corian

DuPont Corian white solid surface bathroom vanity with seamless integrated sink

Cygnus Pearl | Zodiaq® | DuPont USA

Zodiaq® Cygnus Pearl is a monochromatic creamy light beige base (warm yellow tone) with uniform translucent and tone-on-tone particles that create depth.

Clam Shell | Corian® | DuPont USA

Corian® Clam Shell has a bisque base, with soft nickel and antique brass veins and traces of "barely there" mix of translucent particles that create a soft and entirely natural effect.

Savannah | Corian® | DuPont USA

Corian® Savannah is a light natural neutral, densely textured with large particles in a range of whites and beiges, and is compatible with natural stones.

Silver Birch | Corian® | DuPont USA I like this countertop?

Corian® Silver Birch is monochromatic and off-white with a range of grey particles from light to mid-tone.

Rain Cloud | Corian® | DuPont USA

DuPont™ Corian® comes in a variety of hues, tones, and colours for every design sensibility and specialised application.