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#EnglishToySpaniels are gentle and friendly. It has low energy and is satisfied with short daily walks or short romps. The English Toy Spaniel is good with children and devoted to its family but can be stubborn at times. It's reserved or timid towards other dogs and strangers.

English Toy Spaniel are gentle and friendly. Go here to check out the right dog breed for you!

These are solid, muscular dogs that have long drop ears, a long tail and a square body. They are extremely active and are happiest when they are following the scent of various game. Due to their strong hunting instincts, German Spaniels do not typically make good household pets. The German Spaniel is a friendly and intelligent hunting dog that excels at retrieving and tracking a large variety of game. It is also an active dog that requires a lot of room to run and explore. If you choose to…

German Spaniels are medium-sized dogs that originated in Germany and were developed to retrieve and track various types of small and large

The #FrenchSpaniel is friendly and outgoing. They are extremely sociable and happiest when around people. They are very good with kids and are excellent playmates. French Spaniels are very active and need lots of daily exercise in the form of long walks, runs or games to stay happy. They are eager to please and therefore easy to train. If they don't get enough exercise they may become bored or destructive. French Spaniels are usually friendly towards other pets and people they don't know.

The French Spaniel is friendly, outgoing and extremely sociable Check out more here

30 Best Hunting Dogs for All Types of Game - Top Dog Tips

We've picked out 30 best hunting dogs & gun dog breeds based on their skills and stats which are best for specific types of hunts or game.

The #GermanPinscher is an affectionate, protective and loyal dog. It is very playful and loves to be outdoors. It needs plenty of physical and mental exercise otherwise it will get bored and frustrated. The German Pinscher is devoted to its family and good with older children. They tend to bark a lot and are sometimes stubborn and are timid towards other dogs and strangers.

The German Pinscher is an affectionate, protective and loyal Learn more here

The #PicardySpaniel is a friendly, sociable and happy breed. They are very affectionate and loving and form close bonds with their human families. Picardy Spaniels need plenty of exercise and are not suited for indoor living. They are very intelligent and loyal, and therefore easy to train. They are friendly towards other dogs and strangers.

The Picardy Spaniel is a medium-sized Spaniel-type breed with square proportions and a muscular body.

The #CirnecoDellEtna is a friendly, affectionate and loyal dog breed. Cirnecos are curious, inquisite and can be independent. They can adapt to a variety of environments and will be happy as long as they get to go for runs or brisk walks on a daily basis. They are eager to please and friendly towards their human family which makes them easy to train. They can be shy or timid around strangers or other dogs.

Is the Cirneco Dell'etna the right breed for you? It's a friendly, affectionate, loyal