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The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has released a moving video showing Peter Capaldi's visit to a camp in Jordan.

Sounds good to me, Matt was the best when it came to "whimsy" Srsly adorable.  Can we have sarcastic too? I want sarcasm... :)

I liked whimsical.I don't want just a plain old dark Doctor.and stuff.

"The strange thing is, I have filmed my first scene with him and the first thing we did was the regeneration and I was looking him in the eyes and I had no idea what he was going to do and vice versa.”  - Jenna Coleman

Her expression is priceless! It captures what every Whovian is feeling at that exact moment!

Coincidentally, Peter Capaldi, who will play the 12th Doctor, also played a W.H.O. doctor in World War Z.

[Actor Peter Capaldi has been announced as the new star of "Doctor Who." Capaldi will be the actor to play the Doctor, replacing outgoing star Matt Smith. (via BBC News)]

Peter Capaldi

The Scottish actor, who is quitting his role as Dr Who at the end of the year, tells The National why he remains aloof from stardom.

Twelve | Peter Capaldi | Doctor Who | behind the scenes of "Robot of Sherwood" April 2014

Twelve | Peter Capaldi | Doctor Who | behind the scenes of "Robot of Sherwood" April 2014


Actor Peter Capaldi - The Thick Of It / The Hour. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 12 has style like 10 and Bow ties are cool!

I Know Exactly What My First Stop in the Tardis Would Be

I Know Exactly What My First Stop in the Tardis Would Be

So now the plan is: punch moffat watch Sherlock the wonders of time and space. with wholock I never know which board to post it, maybe I need a board?

I love River. IN the Angels take Manhattan, i feel like FINALLY we can see just how much she loves the doctor and her him. They are at a point in their timeline where they really are acting  married. IT does not feel like something they are just doing. It feels real.

uhohabear: “ Can we just remember, River just lost two of the three people she trusts in this universe. She never got to say goodbye to her father, and she could only kiss her mothers hand goodbye.

The 12th Doctor - Peter Capaldi

The New Doctor: Peter Capaldi - He's got a scarf. Not as long as Tom Baker's but it's a scarf.

PCap Night Cap There are certain pictures of Pcap that always seem to give me goose bumps, no matter how many times I see them on my computer screen. I really don’t know why my body reacts in such a.

This is a quick video of every instance of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctor saying "I'm the Doctor" (up to season 6).  I LOVE THIS.  It just means so much more... =)

Every single "I'm the Doctor" introduction from the new series. Perfect for non-Whovians who don't understand the 'he's the Doctor, not Doctor Who' concept. The word doctor starts to sound weird after a while