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<b>*prays at the altar of Zayn*</b>

He's perfect with a beard or no beard.

22 Undeniable Reasons That Zayn Malik Is Actually God

We will never forget you all the happiness you brought 1 year since zayn left one direction

알리 자 on

it's really Shocking News for all AmaZayn & Fans : Zayn Malik leaving One Direction Music band.


He should just go to Disney dress up as Flynn Rider and be him for that day and see who would recognize him

I just hate what happened the last time about zayn and all this hater stuff. i cant imagine what he thinks about it but someone should tell him that he has so many people standing behind him to support him and who Love him ! he is perfect and no one, not even this stupid hater guys, can change that fact or make him to another person he isnt. so you haters, why dont you try to get a life?

Is it bad that I sing amaZayn instead of amazing just without thinking? I've been waiting for this!