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Anna Magnani

“Whenever Magnani laughs or cries (which is often), it’s as if you’ve never seen anyone laugh or cry before: has laughter ever been so burstingly joyful or tears so shatteringly sad?

anna magnani

Slimgrape's Goulash of Cool : Photo

Anna Magnani

electricalice: “ Please don’t retouch my wrinkles, it took me my whole life to earn them. - Actress Anna Magnani to her make up artist ”


Anna Magnani : THE splendid Romanisssssssima !

Anna Magnani

anna magnani, by richard avedon, 1953

Anna Magnani, 1953, photo by Richard Avedon.   Loved her in The Secret of Santa Vittoria.

Anna Magnani (Italian Film Actress) photographed by Richard Avedon, New York, She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of a Sicilian widow in The Rose Tattoo.

Anna Magnani portrait by John Phillips

Anna magnani in L'amore part 2 : Il Miracolo directed by Roberto Rossellini, 1948

Anna Magnani photographed by Federico Patellani (1943).

Federico Patellani, Anna Magnani in acqua, Stresa, 1943

Anna Magnani

«Le grandi donne d’Italia che sfidano gli stereotipi»

Grandi Amori: Lo so, sono la donna più...

Herbert List: Anna Magnani in her country house, San Felice Circeo,