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Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. According to myth, the Sirins lived "in Indian lands" near Eden or around t.


The faun is a rustic forest god or goddess of Roman mythology often associated with enchanted woods and the Greek god Pan and his satyrs.

Dryad_2 by Allnamesinuse on DeviantArt

Mermaid dryad- tied to whole kelp forest. Perfectly camouflaged into their habitat. When threatened, the entire kelp forest turns on the attacker and drags them down to their death.

Harpies are rapacious monsters described as having a human's head and body and a bird's wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey. Normally they are depicted as women. As lore goes, they steal food from their victims while they are eating and carry evildoers (especially those who have killed their family). They are affiliated with wind and air. By the time of the, Roman and Byzantine empires, writers detailed their ugliness however they are quite beautiful and are extremely vain...


Harpy - very humanly looking Harpy: naked woman with wings, bird feet and a few…


Jennifer Miller gave me permission to get this as a tattoo a while ago. I still have not forgotten it. Hippocampus by ~Nambroth

Tree Light (c) Sakimichan on DeviantArt


Tree light by sakimichan Dryads (Δρυάδες, sing.: Δρυάς) are tree nymphs in Greek mythology. In Greek drys signifies 'oak,' from an Indo-E.

Illustration de Alex Horley

Illustration de Alex Horley

Cenarius from Warcraft, with a ring of leaves around the waist of his horse half. Also had large horns that 'could' be used for combat and a large clawed left hand.