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Tamabi art ads by Kenjiro Sano (3)

TAMABI / Tama Art University Selection from Made by Hands project / link to post 2 /

The image here cuts type dramatically, however the 4 letters can still be worked out as reatding T A M A and then what appears to be an 8 at the end. Perhaps I could see how far cropping and deconstructing of type can be pushed until it becomes illegible? However, it would still need to communicate the idea of deception within food.

Japanese Poster: Tamabi. Kenjiro Sano / Mr. Design. 2012

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60 Stunning Pieces Of Editorial Design

Editorial design is usually a custom made design to place the content and other graphics in a magazine. It has to be formatted and designed in such a way other

Hands by Kenjiro Sano and Katori Yumi

Design – Tamabi poster (Made by Hands) 多摩美術大学|広告アーカイブ