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All I can say is ....run!!!

“There’s just two things I hate, and zombies is both of ‘em!” — Jefferson (Mantan Moreland), King of the Zombies (Movie,


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The Walking Dead of Oz !! This is one of the coolest and most wrong things I have ever seen! Love it! Fantastically clever!

The Scarecrow in Matt Busch's Zombie Poster series isn't the only one looking for brains - the entire Walking Dead of Oz is!

Valentine conjoined by chet zar via hi-fructose

I only take credit for Amanita's Cosmos and my personal photos.

Valentine's Day Zombie Art by William Stout

Valentine's Day Zombie Art by William Stout

Zombie Party

Zombies are "in" right now, but what if they were in during the time as some old sitcoms? The Zombie Bunch