Realistic Pokemon: Charizard by on @deviantART

Realistic Pokemon: Charizard

DeviantArt: More Like Realistic Pokemon Sketches: Fire Starters by ReneCampbellArt

-Yveltal- by arvalis on DeviantArt

Artist RJ Palmer draws some of the most amazing pokemon art - take a look at his collection.

Realistic Pokemon: Evoli,Aquana,Blitza und Flamara Eevee,Vaporeon,Jolteon and Flareon

grimchild: “ My most powerful poke in is a vaporeon named Wet Dog but my favorite is my jolteon named Prickle Boy. Which Eevee did you get in Pokemon Go?

Artista cria versões mais realistas de pokémons - TecMundo

Artista cria versões mais realistas de pokémons

grimchild: “Posting all of my realistic Pokemon pieces for the Anniversary of Pokemon.

Charizard - Monster Hunter ver.

grimchild: “ Been tinkering with the idea of a Monster Hunter monster version of Charizard. Maybe I’ll flesh this idea out more someday. You should pretend this this is like leaked concept art for.

ok Infernape and Emboar have to much shit on them to look cool. lol

Realistic Pokemon Sketches: Fire Starters Final Evolutions by ~nauvasca on deviantART

Omg I would totally buy this

13 Things From The Pokémon Series You Can Actually Own

Pokédex made by WaterTrainer. This is AWESOME!  *Fakemon*, but cool!

Pokédex made by WaterTrainer. Some of these are clones of current Pokemon, but a lot are really rad.