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Imagine, LOL

As stupid as that sounds, I am a little curious how well it might work. New life goal people!

So true this Christmas I was stumped on what I wanted

one of the most frustrating things ever. same goes for my birthday since its so close to christmas

Ha yes

I just want to eat and sleep and cry and be skinny and look pretty and wear yoga pants and have a boyfriend. This is such a typical white girl post but it is actually very accurate lol -RSH

Excuse the hello part☺️

I don't know why all these say "Teenager Post" A lot of the stuff written on these is things teenagers shouldn't even be worrying themselves with.


YES and ahhh, I'm not a teenager. It is my crack. I can't have cereal in the house or I will eat it for breakfast , lunch and dinner.

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This is my friend Ciara. I think she might be my best friend like how Shyanne (sp?) was best friends with Georgia and that is saying something.