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Grell teeth tutorial by =lawliet-L370 on deviantART

Even if you're not CosPlaying as Grell, these teeth would be just about perfect for any number of frightening critters. - Grell teeth tutorial by saara-sama

HTTYD Toothless Clay Tutorial by ~LightningMcTurner on deviantART

Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. I love that movie, and decided to make a Toothless polymer clay figure - so i thought, why not make a tutorial .

For these rainbows I use FIMO Classic, Effect (Translucent) and some clay softener

I like this tutorial, because the color shades are more even. Make It: Polymer Clay Rainbow Jewellery - Tutorial

Tutorial, How to: Link's shirt by *Eressea-sama on deviantART

Thoght of charing my experiences whith sewing my link-cos. I did a video, too, wachable on [link] I have photos of the making of my fake-chain mail and . Tutorial, How to: Link's shirt

DIY Harry Potter wands for all us muggles! Great for kids gifts.

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Wand making-- Harry Potter party ideas-- make DIY Harry Potter wands