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Fate/Zero, Gilles de Rais

Gilles de Rais a făcut pact cu diavolul pentru a avea puteri magice

Vera Renczi, a stunningly beautiful woman, was also one of the most prolific female serial killers in history. Born in 1903 in Bucharest, Romaniainto wealth and privilege, by the age of 15 she had engaged in numerous affairs .If she suspected they were

Vera Renczi – Beauty is a Beast

Vera Renczi: A Romanian serial killer who poisoned 35 individuals including her husbands, lovers and one son with arsenic during the So beautiful!

Historical Military Uniforms from the last 1,000 years

Historical Military Uniforms from the last 1,000 years

Learn About Theodore Roosevelt's Life and Presidency: Theodore Roosevelt, Twenty-Sixth President of the United States

Learn About Theodore Roosevelt's Life and Presidency

Buy the President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt Photo Print for sale at The McMahan Photo Art Gallery and Archive.

John Brennan, rumored a secret Muslim, avoids taking oath of office on a Bible (Glenn Beck) - YouTube

John Brennan: Obama’s Muslim Convert Stooge for Jihad - Freedom Outpost

Check Out These Vintage Photos of New York City's 1970s Punk Playground | Mother Jones

Divine and John Waters. © Christopher Makos from White Trash Uncut (Glitterati Incorporated). Photographs of the Provocative, Punk and Progressive

sancarlosfortin: benjamin franklin de DUPLESSIS, Joseph-Siffred 172...

American History - Social Studies Meme - Benjamin Franklin - invented swim fins your welcome michael phelps.

12 Powerful Women Rulers Everyone Should Know: Queen Victoria

13 Powerful Women Rulers Everyone Should Know

Every person who wants to be literate in history should know about these powerful women rulers -- queens, pharaohs, empresses.

Benghazi Final Report: Hillary And Obama's Big Fat 'It Was A Video' Lie And Other Failures | RedState

40 Minutes In BenghaziWhen U. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed in a flash of hatred in Benghazi, Libya, on September the political finger-pointing began. But few knew

Nightmarish Scottish Gothic Thriller LORD OF TEARS Trailer Revealed - Pre-order Full Film Now via Kickstarter!

Lord of Tears is a startling, psychological, supernatural thriller set against the ominous backdrop of a cursed highland estate.

Here are some extremely creepy (yet real) places from around the world.

Funny pictures about Creepiest Places on Earth. Oh, and cool pics about Creepiest Places on Earth. Also, Creepiest Places on Earth.

Top 10 Inventors Killed By Their Inventions.   In this video we will cover 10 inventors who were killed by their inventions. Know of another invention that killed its inventor? Have an idea for another ...

7 Stupidest Ways To Accidentally Kill Yourself (stupid deaths, accidental death) - ODDEE


Elizabeth died on March 1603 at Richmond Palace and was succeeded by James I (James VI of Scotland), the son of Mary, Queen of Scots. The Tudor dynasty ended and passed to the Stuarts.