diy pallet towel holder

DIY Shipping Pallet Bathroom Projects

To cope with these situations, here we have a special project for you that project's our is DIY wooden pallet project of bathroom cabinets and towel hanger to

Old window frame with pictures, or paint the glass with Chalkboard paint for a weekly planner!

window picture frame: I have a couple of old window frames from my house I am going to do this and hang in the guest bedroom. Love this idea.

DIY Driftwood Candle Holder

the poor sophisticate: Driftwood Candle Holder Tutorial DIY Ok, I love drift wood candle holders, but HATE the price! This is a DIY tutorial!

Spice Rack from Upcycled Pallet

Spice Rack from Upcycled Pallet

I've looked at many commercially available and DIY spice rack plans and they all seem to be made for the standard inch tall by inch diameter spice bottles from the grocery store. This design is shallow enough that…