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Sally Mann

Southern Landscape and Sally Mann Photographs by Sally Mann Handcrafted in New England

jerry uelsmann - Bing Images

Threshold, 1999 by Jerry Uelsman

PhotoIsland :: История фотографии :: Джулия Камерон (Julia Cameron)

PhotoIsland :: История фотографии :: Джулия Камерон (Julia Cameron)

Emma Barton (née Rayson), 1872 - 1938. Photograph of Dorothy Barton.

Emma Barton (née Rayson), 1872 - Photograph of Dorothy Barton.

Beautiful! ....from "unexpectedtales" (no photographer's real name provided)

Portrait by Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron

funeral-wreaths: “ Julia Margaret Cameron, ‘So now I think my time is near — I trust it is — I know, / The blessed Music went that way my soul will have to go’, 1875 ”

"Eaten by mountain rats in the year 1876" No matter how I go, I want my obituary to say "Eaten by mountain rats".

Erin O'Keefe "Eaten by Mountain Rats" Tombstone on Pike's Peak 1876

Sylvia beach & james joyce

James Joyce and Sylvia Beach outside the door of Shakespeare and Company on the Rue de l’Odeon in Paris in 1920 Happy Bloomsday

Julia Margaret Cameron/Sothebys

Mary Hillier, Julia Margaret Cameron from an 1869 album