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kahuna68:  UFO (British sci-fi series, 1970)
Brough, Ayshea Biography
Torchy, The Battery Boy - I still know some of the words of his song!!! CW
Commander Straker.
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70s Sci-Fi | ... Babes, Pornstaches and Other Joys of ‘70s Sci-Fi Television
UFO - the tv series
Skydiver.                                                                                                                                                                                 More
UFO TV Show with Ed Bishop as Ed Straker and Wanda Ventham as Col Virginia Lake (Benedict Cumberbatch's mum!)
Ed Straker's car from UFO TV show in 2011
Mike & Bernie Winters. Watching Mike & Bernie was like being abducted by aliens. You can't understand what they are talking about and wake up confused after two hours with a sore arse
A scene from British science fiction puppet television series Thunderbirds…