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Or you apologize and admit you are wrong and they give you the silent treatment for years

Truth hurts sometimes

Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are shitty humans and stop trying to see the good that isn't there. - It's takes a lot for me to believe someone is a shitty human being, but once I do, I'm done.

When it make you so uncomfortable when my son died. Don't ever do that to a grieving parent!

I hurt you. But you hurt me too. Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Remember to be curious about feelings, not defensive. When someone says: "You hurt me" - that's an invitation into their heart. Respond with: "I'm sorry. I'm listening. Please tell me more".

Don't ...  Not worth the time. Shitty people deserve shitty people. More often than not that is the people they spend their time with.

Miserable bitches with low self esteem who try to make strong women miserable need to just go fuck themselves! And you are shitty

So true!!!

SO SO glad I've removed many toxic people from my life over the last 5 years.much happier and found out what a true friend actually is.

Live Life Happy: Stay away from people who can’t take responsibility for their actions and who make you feel bad for being angry at them when they do you wrong. – Unknown The post Stay Away from Peopl

If you want to be skinny read this: 1)look at the area you want to be skinny 2) realize it's covered in skin 3)say "wow I'm skinny"

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