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I only ever use Essie (or occasionally OPI). They make for the best, super long lasting manicures! -P.S.

10 Best Essie Nail Polish Swatches - 2018 Update

Essie color chart- my dream is to have all essie nail polish colors

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs | Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

20 Easy & Creative DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

From ‘Polka Dot Dyed Easter Eggs’ to ‘Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs’ here’s 18 super fun Easter egg decorating ideas you can do with your family and friends.

The Best Wall Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak — True Design House

The Best Wall Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak

What to do about all that honey oak that's driving you mad? Oh, honey oak: a nostalgic throwback to years gone by, often bringing to mind images of dried floral arrangements, brass & etched glass chan (Best Paint Of All Time)

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Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Polish Lemon Sandwich Tea Cookies Recipe

Polish Lemon Sandwich Tea Cookies (Cytrynowe Ciasteczka)

This Polish Lemon Sandwich Tea Cookie Recipe Is Perfect For Entertaining. These would be perfect to make with my anise extract

Essie Secret Story pretty pink polish- new new, can't wait to see how this looks on my nails  #nailstoobomb

Secret Obsession - Essie Secret Story: Perfect summer toe color - His Secret Obsession.Earn Commissions On Front And Backend Sales Promoting His Secret Obsession - The Highest Converting Offer In It’s Class That is Taking The Women’s Market By Storm

(design) polish folk art | Wycinanki - Polish folk art

Paper Cutting Popularity

Inspire Bohemia: Wycinanki: Polish Paper Art, New Polish Folk, Polish design, made in Poland.

DIY Butterfly /fairy wings with a plastic bottle, fingernail polish, sharpie, glitter and a few glass beads

I can make some awesome butterfly wind-chimes out of these DIY Butterflies diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy idea diy home diy vase easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations

A whole new meaning to nail polish art! Did you know you can make marbled mugs using nail polish and water? So beautiful and easy to DIY, you'll make so many of these in one afternoon.  http://www.ehow.com/how_12343816_diy-nail-polish-marbled-mugs.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=freestyle&utm_campaign=fanpage

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs

A whole new meaning to nail polish art! Did you know you can make marbled mugs using nail polish and water? So beautiful and easy to DIY, you'll make so many of these in one afternoon.

Do you have some old makeup lying around? Something that doesn't appeal to you anymore or doesn't fit your current style? Or a product that seemed great when you saw it in stores but turned out to be less appealing once applied? Or maybe something that's way past its due date? Don't be so quick to throw it away! Many things can be upcycled for DIY purposes and makeup is no exception. Everything, from makeup itself to its containers can be reused and given new life in the form of DIY…

15 Ways to Repurpose Makeup for DIY Crafts

Nail Polish Swirl Coffee Mugs You need: - coffee mug - plastic tub - nail polish - toothpicks - warm water - paper towels

Cheese Babka | "This Babka is so delicious! My family just loves it! It will be a new tradition in our home."

A sweet and tangy cheese filling is rolled up in this rich babka dough, which is coiled into a fluted tube pan and baked.

Every year, new nail designs are created and brought to light, but when we see one of these new manicure designs on other girls' hands, we feel like our nail polish is dull and outdated. So you should stay updated with latest nail art designs, and try different designs at least once to see if it fits you or not. Here are 20 adorable nail art designs, I advise you to try them this year.

20 Lovely Nail Art Designs You Should Try This Year

1. Gather a collections of colours --You will need some tape to protect your fingers and a glass of water. 2.Paint your nails with a base colour 4. Put a few nail polish drops of each colour into a glass of water(one into another) and use a pin or any other suitable tool to cover the surface of the water with nail polish. 5.Dunk your finger into the cup and wait for a while 6. Use an ear pad to clean the  nail polish from the sides 7.Repeat the procedure with each finger and add a top coat.

Top 10 DIY Easy Nail Ideas

water marble nail tutorial Other Pinner said : I've done this before & it turned out great. The thing you should remember is the water in the cup should be room temperature & make sure to put tape around your nails before :)

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Old Fashioned Polish Stuffed Cabbage

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